We provide support for startups in a variety of ways: investments and financing of promising projects; boosting growth and development of projects via improving their operational processes, product management, go-to-market and monetization strategies; offering our tech and industry expertise and top-notch specialists. As a group of IT assets, Bamboo Group also encompasses its own services and digital products in EdTech, telecom, marketing, and advertising.


Bamboo Group is ready to finance ambitious projects in Telecom, MarTech, EdTech, HealthTech, Agriculture, and Automotive & Mobility industries. We operate as early stage/angel and Seed/Round A investors, providing several types of funding:

With almost 20 years of experience in nurturing startups, Bamboo Group can become an expert co-founder that will guide your business through thick and thin.

Sweat equity is the company shares investors receive in exchange for their support in the form of time, resources, and industry expertise. If we see great potential in your venture, we can become your reliable and competent long-term partner.

Bamboo Group can join forces with companies that want to push the envelope in the field of technology. Get the best of both worlds: contribute your ideas and financing, while we contribute expert developers and superb industry knowledge.

Bamboo Group is eager to support your ideas with loans that will be converted into equity as your business evolves and reaches pre-defined KPIs. If you’re looking for funding but are a bit unsure of your startup’s valuation, convertible notes may be the perfect option for you.

Looking for funding or startup advice? Share your project idea with us here.


Bamboo Group actively encourages startup growth and development by providing the following services:

Bamboo Group helps startups synchronize their business process objectives and performance measures with organizational aims and strategies, helping avoid conflicting, uncoordinated activities.

Bamboo Group helps startups develop go-to-market strategies that not only guarantee a stable flow of revenue in their local markets, but also give the company a significant edge over its competition.

Our product expertise comprises the knowledge of how to validate product hypotheses, measure product-market fit, carry out MVP experiments, and plan a future-proof roadmap.

Our team has experience in successfully integrating one-time purchasing models, licensing, advertising, and many other kinds of monetization for different markets.

Being part of industry accelerators and are frequent participants in congresses and expos, Bamboo Group gives startups an opportunity to connect with many respected companies and brands.


We offer various tech services, helping solve the complex challenges of our clients and their customers.

Being an experienced provider of high-tech products, Bamboo Group can deliver a thorough evaluation of your company’s IT infrastructure, software, and policies.

With an expert background in a variety of domains, we develop web and mobile applications of any complexity: from award-winning B2C apps to enterprise solutions.

Get everything to realise your product idea properly with the help of the Bamboo Group design team who has a vast experience in all major business domains.

Our team redesigns, replatforms, reingeneers, and migrates outdated applications to cloud environments. This is the perfect option for companies that want to upgrade their legacy software, which is difficult and expensive to maintain, scale, and debug.

Bamboo Group helps companies integrate systems with custom and third-party software, as well as across private, public, and multicloud environments.



Vladislav Herchykau

Chief Executive Officer

Vladislav Yevteyev

Chief Strategy Officer