Serial entrepreneur. Great communicator. Has over 22 years of experience in IT enterprise management and an expert background in economy. Solid experience as a Chief Accountant and Economist prior to Bamboo Group OÜ.

Hobbies: hiking, rafting, snowboarding, nature outings. Has climbed Mt Elbrus.

Vladislav took great interest in technology since childhood. He studied the Basic programming language at his father’s Printed Circuit Board Factory in 1992, back when nobody in the country even knew the word “IT”.

He graduated from Economic University as an accounting, analysis, and audit specialist, and has been working alongside Vladislav Herchykau since 1999. In 2002, Vladislav Yevteyev became the Chief Strategy Officer and one of the founders of Bamboo Group OÜ (Estonia).

The tactician must know what to do whenever something needs doing; the strategist must know what to do when nothing needs doing.

Vladislav has helped foster the company into an international group of IT assets. He has been at the forefront of managing Bamboo Group’s innovative projects in EdTech, such as Znaj, which has received broad industry acclaim.

Most of Znaj success can be attributed to Vladislav defining the platform’s monetization strategies (DCB subscriptions in particular) and advertising campaigns, as well as increasing its revenue and user engagement.

In addition, Vladislav’s communication skills and solid business network make him an invaluable middleman in a range of partnerships and client deals.

Vladislav’s extensive economic expertise has helped Bamboo Group earn its title as a reliable investor, helping nurture a number of promising high-tech startups, on top of being a well-respected service provider and software development company.

Thanks to his involvement, Bamboo Group remains one of the strongest players and business hubs in Eastern & Central Europe and the Nordics. It is consistently amassing recognition through its advanced core activities and the portfolio companies it embraces.

Vladislav currently sits on the boards of Bamboo Group OÜ, Znaj.

Current investments: