Thanks to our core technologies, expertise, and skills we have strengthen the leadership positions of our businesses. Our global business portfolio includes a wide range of business lines with high growth potential.

We’re experts in Telecommunications, Geographic information systems (GIS), Shopify solutions development, High-load systems, Security solutions, and more.

Our expertise covers full-stack mobile development – from application ideation and prototyping to development, testing, and deployment.

Unique educational ecosystem BeED supports innovative learning approaches that engage students, empower teachers and preserve highly valued school and university brands and reputation.

One platform of all e-services for educational process. The aim of this platform is to switch the educational system to the digital space and improve the whole educational system in the country.

Powerful messaging platform provides wide range of business tools for mobile marketing campaigns, two-way communication and fast delivery of customer notifications.

Looking for the way to cut costs, save money and increase customer service? Our 24/7 support team is ready to help you and manage your customer service operations.

We help global-players increase brand awareness providing technical partnership for promo-campaigns based on SMS mechanics and messaging short codes.

Work with your customers directly. Connect to telcos and other digital merchants for co-marketing and improve your user acquisition, monetisation and retention results.

We assist mobile operators in increasing their revenues and shaping their innovation by offering a comprehensive value-added services product line.

We provide complete IT support as an outsourced IT department as well as additional support and on-demand services based on your current business needs.


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