24 October 2017
School OS joins SMART Africa Alliance to bring digital learning to Africa
We are proud and excited to announce that our top-notch learning management solution - School OS and SMART Africa are now operating as one. School OS platform has joined Smart Africa to advance and enhance education through ICT (Information and Communications Technology) which, in turn, can improve the lives of Africa's people.

Established in 2013, SMART Africa is a firm and innovative commitment to foster sustainable socio-economic development in Africa through affordable access to broadband and usage of ICT.

Technology is becoming an integral part of classrooms, engaging students in a learning experience. School OS is a full-featured school management platform working as a smart school diary and bringing e-learning experience to user's smartphone, tablet, or PC. By launching School OS we bring new affordable yet live-improving solutions for mass usage.

Geared towards innovating and pushing back the frontiers of educational technology, through introducing School OS, we help emerging countries digitize educational systems at the national level enabling their fast transition to the 21st-century e-learning environment.
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