19 April 2015
Redefining liver diagnosis process through mobile
A global healthcare leader Sanofi turned to OÜ Bamboo Group with a task to develop a mobile application designed to encourage users involvement in the monitoring of their liver’s state. Another objective was to raise the awareness of Essentiale® Forte N brand and provide users with information covering a range of hepatological diseases and treatment methods.

OÜ Bamboo Group completed those tasks and delivered Liver Doctor app. It contains the medical advise section about how to take care of the liver and the information regarding natural food stuff and fitness tips that keep the liver healthy. Based on different results of testing, the app offers the most appropriate kind of therapy. All medical recommendations are provided by professionals.

Due to location and map functionality integration, users may browse pharmacy stores location searching for the nearest ones right in the app. Custom alerts embedded remind users when to take Essentiale® Forte N.
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