16 September 2015
Integrating bulk SMS with SAP of a Volkswagen dealer
The Belarusian representative of the International Automobile Holding “Atlant-M”, which is the official Volkswagen dealer in Belarus has always devoted great attention to improving communication with their customers. That is why “Atlant-M” approached OÜ Bamboo Group with a task to provide a bulk SMS solution that can help reach customers in the most direct and easy to digest manner possible.

Our developer team successfully met the challenge by integrating our bulk SMS API with the client’s SAP ERP software. “Atlant-M” got a powerful tool for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns. The first text-messaging campaigns conducted by OÜ Bamboo Group showed that using bulk SMS service has considerably simplified the work of Atlant-M’s customer service. As a result of those campaigns, SMS communications has become a very convenient channel from which to get customer information.

Our work on the integration of bulk SMS with Atlant-M’s business processes is highly appreciated by the dealer’s specialists and we all look forward to the further deepening of cooperation in the area of mobile marketing.

Official Volkswagen dealers in Belarus, the representatives of the International Automobile Holding “Atlant-M”:

“Atlant-M” Sukharevo
“Atlant-M” in Mashinostroiteley str.
“Atlant-M” Urucca
“Atlant-M” Zapad
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