07 September 2015
A customer service program for the global brewing company
The outsourcing call-center of OÜ Bamboo Group started its cooperation with Olivaria Brewery company.

Olivaria Brewery is one of the leading breweries in Belarus. The majority of the company’s shares belong to Carlsberg Group, which is the 4th biggest brewery group in the world. To increase brand loyalty and to communicate with customers and business partners more effectively, Olivaria Brewery needed an outsourced customer calls processing solution. OÜ Bamboo Group successfully achieved those objectives by implementing a customer service program that included:

- Managing incoming calls;
- Creating a new option for customers who can now sign up for a sightseeing tour via a quick call;
- Providing timely and accurate performance analysis data related to specific client’s needs and operational goals;
- Launching a customer feedback program with instant responding on reclamations as its core feature.
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