The telecommunication industry requires the deployment of innovative software solutions in order to increase consumer satisfaction and be successful in the market. Our experienced team has developed numerous projects and solutions for telecom companies.


Carrier Billing

Work with your customers directly. Connect to telcos for co-marketing and improve your user acquisition, monetisation and retention results.

Value Added Services

We assist mobile operators in increasing their revenues and shaping their innovation by offering a comprehensive value-added services product line.

Bulk Messaging Platform

Powerful platform provides wide range of business tools for mobile marketing campaigns, two-way communication and fast delivery of customer notifications.


The app is an additional revenue channel for mobile operators. Multiple content providers’ access is available. The content is added automatically without updating the app.

RBT app is a multi-platform application which brings more benefits for operators from ring-back tone sales. The Comprehensive Content Platform supports multiple content providers. The app operates on all major mobile platforms.


  • Preloaded tones database
  • Custom CMS
  • Live Music Streaming
  • Social media integration
  • Local Ad network

A mobile app allowing the mobile operator’s clients to control their account balance, manage their subscription plans, get automated support, and access entertaining content.

Features for Users:

  • Choose 3 favorite types of music
  • Choose 3 favorite types of videos
  • See real-time balance info
  • See free minutes left
  • See MBs of traffic left
  • Watch online TV via the VOKA service
  • Check roaming connection


An e-docs web app for electronic document signing.

Features for Dealers:

  • View, send, and remove signed e-docs
  • Store e-signatures
  • Show e-docs on customers’ devices

Features for System Administrators:

  • View list of users in the system
  • Send and edit users’ e-docs
  • Remove e-docs from the list

Features for Customers:

  • Read e-docs
  • Sign e-docs


A mobile marketing platform helping create automated mailouts and send them to subscribers’ devices. This platform also gives its users access to different types of data reports.

Features for Business Clients:

  • Send messages to subscribers
  • View subscriber base
  • Create subscriber bases
  • Create subscriber blacklists
  • Check balance
  • View balance statistics
  • View customers’ answers for SMS
  • Order SMS packages

Our solution helps businesses to connect with their customers and inform them about goods, services, discounts, etc. by sending e-messages in bulk. The relevant sectors are telecom, online games, B2B services, marketing, education, etc.

Creating an integration with a mobile operator’s platform to send e-messages to mobile devices and using the mobile number as an ID.

The creation of a new, efficient communication channel opening opportunities for further business growth.


vQR is a fast QR code scanner/generator developed for mobile operator’s customers. The app simplifies the process of scanning and encoding of various information.

Camera with a fixed focus automatically recognizes any code the device is pointed at. Powerful QR code engine helps to create codes from contact info, URLs, plain text and more. An in-app storage allows to accessing scan history with one tap via integrated web-browser.


  • Auto-detect scanning
  • Integrated web-browser
  • Social media integration
  • QR codes in-app storage
  • Embedded SMS and email sending


Taxi app is a simple and powerful tool built to keep and boost revenue streams from taxi services and put a solid base for online orders.

Taxi app is an example of a well-crafted multi-platform app. We integrated into the app the base of short dialing codes of all taxi services. As a result, subscribers are allowed to alter call services on the go and mobile operators increase their revenues by extra tariffing.


  • Taxi services data base
  • Custom CMS
  • Rate and review feature
  • Social media integration
  • Local Ad network
  • Comments
  • Swear words stop filter


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