We help retail industry players live up to their customers’ expectations through technology. Our portfolio includes projects in the spheres of electronic document management systems, e-signature solutions, and eCommerce development.



An online store plus a mobile app with NFC chip functionality for Pangaia—a new eco-friendly and high-tech clothing line.


Every individual clothing item by Pangaia features an NFC chip. Bamboo Agile was tasked with creating an online store together with a mobile app with NFC scanning function. We were to choose the most suitable e-commerce platform ourselves, and implement unique design and functionality.

Features for Users:

  • Make purchases
  • Get info on unique new tech used by Pangaia
  • Get acquainted with Pangaia’s philosophy and initiatives


An e-docs web app for electronic document signing.

Features for Dealers:

  • View, send, and remove signed e-docs
  • Store e-signatures
  • Show e-docs on customers’ devices

Features for System Administrators:

  • View list of users in the system
  • Send and edit users’ e-docs
  • Remove e-docs from the list

Features for Customers:

  • Read e-docs
  • Sign e-docs


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