Trends continue to reshape the media and entertainment industry. We have successfully worked with several entertainment companies, implementing geographic information systems, apps for telecom operators and social mobile apps.



The app is an additional revenue channel for mobile operators. Multiple content providers’ access is available. The content is added automatically without updating the app.

RBT app is a multi-platform application which brings more benefits for operators from ring-back tone sales. The Comprehensive Content Platform supports multiple content providers. The app operates on all major mobile platforms.


  • Preloaded tones database
  • Custom CMS
  • Live Music Streaming
  • Social media integration
  • Local Ad network


A social mobile app centered around predictions and enabling users to compete against their friends.

This mobile app incorporates a set of features, including leaderboards, Amazon Web Services back end, integration with social media, SDK integrations including the Big Data & Stats Analytics platform, and complex game design implementation.

Features for Users:

  • Choose a game
  • Take part in a game
  • View all available games
  • Accumulate points
  • Spend points
  • Buy points


A mobile app for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players with check-ins, combining rankings with geolocation.

RANKmapp’s name is telling: this mobile app combines rankings with maps. Its target audience are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, enthusiastic and highly competitive. Using the mobile app, the user can learn how good their geographical neighbors are at CS:GO, where they are located, and also how big is the circular area where the user is #1.

Features for Users:

  • Check in
  • See other CS:GO players on the map
  • See Steam-based rankings
  • See own “#1 circle”


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