Technology is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, and we understand what is needed to develop and use technology effectively in the classroom as well as for school management. We strive to bring to the world the most customizable all-in-one solution for school and professional education.



Collaborative Ecosystem created for all curricular and educational demands.



An extensive learning management system created to transform conventional learning and teaching into great interaction between institutions, educators, parents and learners.

– BeED Journeys

BeED Journeys bridges the gap between textbook learning and an on-site application of academic knowledge, making education more relevant and exciting for learners of all ages.

– BeED Nexus

Marketplace for educational content, education-related goods, online tests and quizzes and classifieds for educational services


One platform of all e-services for educational process.

All necessary e-services for education:

  • Electronic diary and class register
  • The websites of educational institutions
  • Test generator
  • Education manager
  • Schedule generator
  • Non-cash SSIS payments 


  • Free education
  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Improved performance
  • “Cloud classes”


A secure AI-powered solution that helps parents to track their children’s progress, and the staff to organize the tuition process.

Features for Parents:

  • Monitor children’s progress
  • View the pupil’s educational journal
  • See homework due the next day
  • Access the electronic diary
  • Access pupil rankings
  • Receive notes from teachers

Features for Teachers:

  • Access the working schedule
  • Access teacher rankings
  • Leave and receive notes
  • Review notes

Features for Headmasters:

  • Make notes for pupils
  • Review educational journals
  • Review studies statistics
  • Review notes


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